CoolFab Travel Pillow : 10 Features Packed into 1 Pillow

Adjustable, Lightweighted and easy to carry

The unique cooling system using moisture from the coolfab material to draw the sweat away from your skin to keep you cool.


We took everything that is wrong with travel neck pillows and fixed it!

 The CoolFab Travel Pillow is lightweight and easy to take on the go! Our neck pillow is inflatable so that means you  can easily deflate it and pack it nice and snug in a travel back that fits in your suitcase or backpack. It has a self-inflatable pump built right into the pillow and an easy to access release valve. It doesn’t take hardly any room at all and it weighs practically nothing. 

 The CoolFab Travel Pillow is cool and comfortable! One of the biggest complaints for neck pillows is that they are too  hot! So, we did something no other travel pillow in the world has done yet. (I know… we were surprised that nobody thought of this either… ) We made our pillows with ventilation holes to increase breathability around the neck, and we covered our pillows with specialized cooling fabric that is made for one thing and one thing only… to keep you cool! And the outer cover can be easily removed and washed, so it’s always clean and comfortable. It’s eco-friendly, anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. Yep, I told you we thought of everything… 

The CoolFab Travel Pillow is designed to take EVERY detail into account for your maximum comfort! The first thing we  did is make sure the back isn’t too big. It’s nice and flat so your head doesn’t get pushed forward and even better, the neckline has a beveled edge to give you REAL support as you sleep. We’ve also added a chin strap that holds head in place and keeps it from bobbing forward. And, if that isn’t enough to sleep like a baby when you’re in flight, we’ve even added comfortable eye covers to keep it nice and dark while you snooze sitting up, and earplugs to keep the crying infant two rows back from ruining your flight.

Available In Three Colors





Hey! My name is Bob Richardson, but most people call me Travel Bob. I've been in the travel business for 35 years. I worked for a major airline for 10 years, flying around the world for Free and for the last 25 years I’ve been a travel agent. I’ve lived in Brazil and Vietnam for 19 years, and there’s nothing I love more than traveling! With all my traveling and using numerous neck pillows, I knew there was something missing with each one. As a person that’s spent a good majority of my life up in the air, I always wondered if the designers of all these pillows ever traveled before they designed a pillow. If you’ve tried some of these pillows, I think you’ll agree they haven’t. 


I made it my mission to create a travel neck pillow that solved every problem I ever had with all of my old neck pillows and that’s how the TravelBob CoolFab Neck Pillow was born. I wanted something that even the pickiest traveler (like myself) could appreciate. There’s a lot of cheap garbage out there, and I understand most people can spot it a mile away. The CoolFab is the furthest thing from cheap. I’ve gone through every effort to make this the best neck pillow on the market and once you try it out, I think you’ll agree.

Thanks for your support and I’ll see you in the air!



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